MUMBAI - Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt will put two security plans before the ICC members and 2011 World Cup hosting nations (India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) early next week. The PCB has hired the services of two professional security experts (possibly from overseas) to prepare these plans in defending its case to retain the World Cup rights. The PCB chief, in yet another effort to save the 2011 World Cup will be assisted by either Zakir Khan and/or Shubhan Ahmed, the two senior officials of the board, it is learnt here. For obvious reasons the international players are refusing to play in Pakistan for few years at least, the PCB officials are putting forward the idea of hosting the World Cup matches in UAE (Dubai or Abu Dhabi). It is to be seen how far this suggestion is being met with because the Host Agreements signed by the heads of each nation have specifically mentioned hosting the matches in their respective countries. The PCB's Host Agreement was been signed by the then president Pervez Mushrraf. The PCB officials are likely to have had some rounds with their lawyer Mark Gay in London. The PCB has also decided to propose the Secretariat's office be shifted to Dubai. Originally the Secretariat's office was designated at Lahore but was shifted to Mumbai for security reasons. The PCB lawyer succeeded in getting Stay order from court. Though the legal proceeding against ICC have been put on hold by the PCB, the chairman Ijaz Butt is set to argue on the fact that there are no direct flights available from Lahore to Mumbai and Dubai, being the centralised located place, is ideal for remaining hosting nations to function from.