ISLAMABAD- Saudi Arabia emerged as the single largest donor to contribute towards the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the quake-hit areas and people of NWFP and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir where it gave relief to hundreds and thousands of families displaced by the killer tragedy. Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ali S. Awadh Asseri said this on behalf of Prince Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz who could not come to Pakistan due to 'prior commitments back home. The Prince was to perform the foundation stone laying ceremony for the construction of two grand mosques in the quake-ravaged areas of Mansehra in the NWFP and Muzaffarabad in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Saudi Ambassador performed the ceremony on behalf of Prince Ahmad. Prime Minister Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Sardar Muhammad Yaqub and NWFP Governor Awais Ahmad Ghani were the special guests invited to attend the ceremony. The mosque in Mansehra will be called Jamia al Imam al Malik Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rehman al Saud while the one in Muzaffarabad will be known as Jamia Khadim ul Harmain al Sarifain al Malik Fahad bin Abdul Aziz al Saud. Ambassador Asseri said Saudi Arabia has been in the forefront of the relief efforts in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Pakistani in 2005. In addition to providing free medical help, tents, quilts and other relief items, the leadership and the government of Saudi Arabia came forth in constructing 20,000 homes and a large number of schools in the affected areas in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and the Frontier Province, said the Saudi Ambassador. Ambassador Asseri said when Prince Ahmad visited the earthquake ravaged areas in Pakistan; he realized that a number of mosques had also been destroyed. The Prince, Ambassador said, did not want that the funds earmarked for relief activities should be apportioned to this project. Thats why the construction of these mosques comes as a personal gift from Prince Ahmad that would contribute in a lasting and meaningful manner to facilitate the local population in fulfilling their religious duties. I understand that these mosques would stand significant monuments in further advancing and strengthening the existing brotherly and fraternal relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Saudi Arabia would always be there for brotherly Pakistan in extending all support and help whenever needed in turning it into a source of strength for the entire Muslim Ummah, said Saudi Ambassador Ali S. Awadh Asseri praying, May Allah Subhana Tallah protect Pakistan from all evils and guide its leadership and people along the road to progress and prosperity.