Pakistan's Ambassador to Libya Jamil Ahmed Khan has told journalists in a briefing that between 30-50 thousands Pakistanis would be recruited by Libya after Zardari's recent visit. Reminds me of the time when General Musharraf had visited Malaysia and the government had told the nation that the Malaysian government had agreed to recruit 100,000 Pakistani workers due to an acute labour shortage in that country. On Zardari's last visit to Japan we had also heard about thousands of jobs on offer for Pakistanis. Nothing ever happened. Perhaps I should tell you about Benazir Bhutto's visit to Bahrain during her second tenure (1993-97). I was then employed in a big government department of this little Gulf state. The Pakistani Minister for Overseas Pakistanis came to visit our department. The head of department told the minister that there were 7000 people of different nationalities working in the department of which Pakistanis were the largest segment. This information was translated into our rulers' own language to become front-page news in Pakistani newspapers that Bahrain had desired to recruit 7000 Pakistanis. Immediately telephones started ringing. Families from Pakistan started frantically calling to get their sons, sons-in-law as well as nephews and nephews-in-law adjusted in the rich Gulf. The swindlers among recruiting agents in Pakistan did a roaring business that year in the name of Bahrain. To the best of my knowledge, nobody got a job. -SHAHID, Karachi, via e-mail, June 5.