ISLAMABAD (APP) - The owners of restaurants and hotels in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have started charging tip from the customers by including it in the bills. Previously, the customers were supposed to give tip to waiters at their own but now the owners have started charging it with bills as service charges, Qazi Amjad Hussain, who visits restaurants with his family for lunch and dinner at least twice, said on Sunday. Last week, I noticed that an amount of Rs.35 was included in the bill under the head of service charges. When asked, the Manager informed that the amount would later be given to waiter, he added. Amjad Hussain claimed that this amount would not be paid to the waiter but it would be adjusted against his salary. Sajjad Ahmed, another customer informed that the big hotels are already charging about 10 percent service charges from customers with the bills but now the small restaurants and hotels are following this practice. When contacted, a manager of a local restaurant situated in Blue Area informed that three percent service charges are charged on the bill up to Rs.1, 300. The service charges nothing to do with the waiter. The customer however, is free to give tip to the waiter or otherwise, he added. He also informed that service charges are not a new addition in the bills rather the amount is being charged for the last several years. Meanwhile, the sale of substandard and unhygienic beverages is on rise in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi in scorching heat, posing serious threat to the lives of the people. Pirwadhai and Faizabad are the most prominent hub of such business activities as a large number of the people visit these two areas as they house several bus stations of inter-city and intra-city coaches. Residents complained that several local factories misuse the name of well-known beverages brands to make money, putting peoples health at stake. He said the shopkeeper and vendors are also equally responsible in this regard, who show their consent to sale these items just for sake of higher profit than that given by real companies. Dr Sharif Astori, a medical practitioner said the consumption of sub-standard beverages causes throat infection, diarrhea and other stomach diseases. He said that the people should avoid sub standard juices, ice creams and ice balls being sold by the vendors in almost all the areas. The residents appealed the concerned authorities to have strict check on sale of these unhygienic drinks to ensure curb this menace.