HERAT (Reuters) - Taliban fighters have no choice but to hide among civilians while they fight foreign troops in Afghanistan and accept their family members may become victims of their holy war, a Taliban commander said on Sunday. Meanwhile, the Afghan Interior Minster claimed access to more money and arms from overseas had enabled the Taliban to increase their attacks, reiterating that their main source of support was in the mountainous tribal regions of neighbouring Pakistan. Mullah Mahmoud, a Taliban commander in the Golestan district of west Afghanistans Farah province, also said most Taliban fighters in Afghanistan were foreigners. He said 60pc were from Saudi Arabia, Pakistans Punjab region and other countries. US and Nato-led forces in Afghanistan have accused Taliban of hiding in Afghan homes in a deliberate attempt to increase the number of civilian casualties caused by air strikes by foreign forces. There is truth in this to some extent, but what can Talibs do? Should they just let themselves be killed by Americans? Mahmoud told Reuters in a telephone interview. When Talibs are part of that community and live amongst the people, when the Americans arrive, they have to go the house where their brother is, where their family is ... so when (Americans) come to our house to kill us, they will kill our families, too, he said. A teacher during the time of the Taliban government, toppled in a US-led invasion in 2001, Mahmoud said he joined the austere Sunni movement six years ago. I was a teacher, I worked. During the Taliban, they even shot me in the shoulder but after the Afghan government was installed I was compelled to join the Taliban because of its treatment of the people, he said. When the airstrikes came, our friends were being killed, our families, but we did not feel pain because we know that when we start jihad we have to accept that our women, our daughters and children, may be killed in the fight, Mahmoud said. The situation in Farah is getting worse ... in some districts the insecurity is so bad that Americans cannot move on the ground, Mahmoud said. He said a lot of the violence was committed by criminals who falsely called themselves Taliban. Those people who shoot at vehicles, they are criminals, not Taliban, Mahmoud said. He said there would never come a time when the Taliban would talk with Americans because cooperation between a Muslim and a kafir (infidel) was forbidden. US and Afghan military officers have in the past accused neighbouring Iran of supporting or arming the Taliban in the west, but Mahmoud denied the claims. So far Saudi Arabia and Sunnis only help us, Mahmoud said. Meanwhile, addressing a news conference, Afghanistans Interior Minister Hanif Atmar said the Taliban have stepped up their attacks in many parts of the country and warned the movement would attempt to sabotage Aug 20 presidential election, warning worse was to come as more US and Afghan troops pursue Taliban fighters in their strongholds. He said Taliban rebels will try to turn this summer into the bloodiest yet to show their strength in the face of US troop reinforcements. The number of attacks, which included suicide strikes, roadside bombings and ambushes, was 40pc higher than the previous week, he said. The enemy wants to totally hinder this (poll) process ... and wants to send a message to the international community that even if you increase your troops, we will step up our attacks, Atmar said.