PYONGYANG (Agencies) North Korea has accused the United States of targeting it with nuclear missiles and warned that nuclear war could break out on the Korean peninsula. A commentary in the Norths state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper claimed the US had 1,000 nuclear weapons in South Korea ready to strike. Meanwhile, the Tongbil Sinbo newspaper said that North Korea is completely within the range of US nuclear attack and the Korean peninsula is becoming an area where the chances of nuclear war are the highest in the world. The rogue state also claimed to have a uranium-enrichment programme, the first time it has admitted to one. The claim is alarming, said Professor Yang Moo-Jin, of Seouls University of North Korean Studies. The North has abundant natural uranium of good quality, which, if combined with technology and facilities, would result in a great nuclear arsenal, he said. Meanwhile, the United States will seek to enforce the UN resolution sanctioning North Korea following its recent provocative moves, Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday. We are going to enforce the UN Resolution. The UN Resolution is probably the most unifying thing thats been done, Biden told NBC television in his home state of Delaware. Look, North Korea is a very destabilising element in east Asia, everyone realizes that the Chinese realise it, the Russians realise it. Theyve gone further than theyve ever gone in joining us on real sanctions against North Korea. And it is important that we make sure those sanctions stick, Biden stressed. This is a matter of us now keeping the pressure on. The US vice president said it was not necessarily possible to determine Pyongyangs motivations, adding, We cant guess his motivations. We just have to deal with the reality that North Korea is a serious danger and a threat to the world, and particularly in east Asia, Biden said. Meanwhile, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il has heaped praise on the military as his country defies United Nations sanctions by vowing to increase its nuclear arsenal, state media said Sunday. Kim, who inspected the frontline 7th Infantry Division, remarked on their militant training spirit and set forth the tasks for increasing its combat ability in every way, the Norths official news agency said. It did not say when the visit was made. The report came one day after Pyongyang vowed to build more nuclear bombs and start enriching uranium for a new atomic weapons programme after the UN Security Council imposed sanctions following its May 25 nuclear test. The 15-member Security Council had voted unanimously Friday to slap tougher sanctions on the North to cripple its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. Resolution 1874, which does not authorise the use of force, calls for tighter inspections of cargo suspected of containing banned missile and nuclear-related items, a stricter arms embargo and new targeted financial curbs to choke off revenue for the nuclear and missile sectors. It also demands that the North not conduct any further nuclear test or any launch using ballistic missile technology and abandon all nuclear weapons and programmes in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner. The North, in its angry response Saturday, said all new plutonium it extracts would be used to make weapons. One third of used fuel rods from the Yongbyon reactor have so far been reprocessed into weapons-grade plutonium, it said. Secondly, we will start uranium enrichment, it said in its first admission that it has such a programme a second route to a nuclear bomb. Tadatoshi Akiba, the mayor of Hiroshima, one of the two Japanese cities obliterated by US atom bombs during World War II, said Sunday he was furious over North Koreas latest move, according to the Jiji Press agency. This means a grave challenge for the international community, which can never be forgivable, Akiba said. In 2002, the North denied US claims that it was operating a secret uranium enrichment programme in addition to its admitted plutonium-based operation. The plutonium-producing plants were shut down under a 2007 six-nation disarmament deal. But Pyongyang vowed to restart them after the Security Council in April condemned its long-range rocket launch. It has become an absolutely impossible option for the DPRK (North Korea) to even think about giving up its nuclear weapons, a statement from the North said, adding that any attempted blockade would be considered an act of war and met with a decisive military response. US intelligence officials believe it will respond with a third atomic test, according to sources quoted by American TV networks. Pyongyang followed up its last nuclear test by launching short-range missiles, renouncing the armistice on the Korean peninsula and threatening possible attacks on South Korea. Seoul, which has sent 600 Marine reinforcements to two border islands, denounced the Norths latest statement as a grave challenge to international efforts to promote regional peace.