PESHAWAR - As many as five militants including foreigners were killed when missiles fired from a US drone on Sunday morning targeted two moving vehicles at Mardar Algarh area of Ladha, sub-division of South Waziristan Agency. Both the vehicles were destroyed completely in the drone strike, which was the first in a month. The local tribesmen and officials at Wana informed that the deceased also included foreigners. Reuters/AFP add: A drone attack targeting a militant vehicle killed five people in Mardar Algad area, said Amir Mohammad Khan, local administration official in Laddha, South Waziristan. There is a training camp close to this area, he added. Khan said that Taliban militants had surrounded the area of the attack and security forces were not able to gather any more information about the missile strike. An intelligence official in the area confirmed the missile attack. One of the double-cabin pick-up trucks was totally destroyed. The latest strike occurred in South Waziristan, hitting three vehicles in an area not far from Makeen, a village considered a stronghold of Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud. Two intelligence officials confirmed the attack on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak to media. The last missile strike was in mid-May. The drone strike on Sunday, the first since May 16, was in Laddah about 60 km north of the regions main town of Wana. Monitoring Desk adds: The ISPR has said that no US drone attack took place in South Waziristan Agency on Sunday, and news item in this connection was unsubstantiated, reported a private TV channel. A huge explosion was heard in the area but it was not a drone attack, ISPR said in a statement.