It seems that President Know-all, after giving his personalised "I need" economics philosophy and "I can deliver" foreign policy, now feels that our diplomatic effort needs a new stamp, his personal stamp. Apparently he believes that he knows how to talk smart, at least better than our suave foreign minister. We hear that after the Halbrooke visit, the FM got a real dressing down by you-know-who, in the presence of the PM. Our guess is that it is now time for "I, my, diplomacy" * * * * * * * * * * * Rumour has it that minister Manzoor Wattoo is likely to draw huge crowds every time he arrives at airports and also when he participates in seminars, conferences and meetings. And this possibly has something to do with a directive circulated by his ministry two weeks earlier. It says "the Minister for Industries and Production has desired that: 1) during his official meetings, conferences, seminars... a reasonable level of presence of officers from corporations, organizations, departments functioning under the administrative control of this ministry should be insured. 2) The minister should be received at the airport in the province of Sindh, NWFP and Balochistan (Punjab is not mentioned) by senior officers of corporations, organizations, departments located in the respective cities. Now that should make Wattoo Sahib feel like a real "awami" leader, in three provinces at least. * * * * * * * * * * * Investigations into master painter Guljee's double murder (triple actually because the maid servant was also killed) could take a new turn altogether. We hear that suddenly an influential person has staked a claim to the Guljee's Nathiagali estate, which consists of two wooden cottages and spreads over nearly 18 kanals of land. This man has never been seen by residents in the 40 years that the Guljees have lived in the Galiat area. But after their murder he surfaced, put a padlock on the gate of their estate and claimed to be their partner in this property. Six employees of the Galliat Develompnet Athority have been suspended on charges of connivance with the land grabber, who has four other such projects to his credit. But curiously enough he has original copies of the Guljee property files. Now where did he get them? Could it be that the Guljee's murder was not a simple murder by domestic servants after all?