LAHORE - Punjab Government has allocated Rs 49.208 billion for Punjab Police Department in form of non-development budget estimated for 2010-11 with a 13 per cent raise as compared to current fiscal year 2009-10. It is worth mentioning that Punjab Police Department had received Rs 43.223 billion for (2009-10) which rose to Rs 47.259 billion after revised estimates. In the recent budget Punjab Government has allocated Rs 43.582 billion for provincial police compared to Rs 42.218 billion allocated during 2009-10. Rs 284 millions have been allocated for local police which were previously Rs 240 million in 2009-10. As per details, Rs 1.254 billion have been allocated for training purpose for the year 2010-11 which were Rs 1.113 billion in the last year. Provincial Government has allocated Rs 3.340 million under the head of other Civil Armed Forces, which was previously Rs 3.022 billion. Almost Rs 745 million have been allocated for others police projects, which were previously Rs 665 million. Rs 2.673 billion have been allocated for P.O.L Charges, Planes, Helicopter, staff cars, M/cycles and conveyance charges. According to the budget nine new schemes have been ratified under the head of Annual Development Program (ADP) 2010-11 out of the total 45 proposed schemes and allocated Rs 150 million for new schemes and Rs 1287.487 million for 124 ongoing schemes. The government had approved 67 new schemes during the ADP (2009-10), under which construction work on 246 buildings was initiated at an allocated amount of Rs 518.606 million. The number of ongoing schemes had now swollen to 124 schemes under which construction work on 511 buildings of different nature would be continued at an allocation of Rs 1287.487 million out of total proposed allocation of Rs 1437.487 million. However, not a single penny was allocated for transport-replacement, elite training, for risk allowance and daily allowance to police force compared to the fiscal year 2009-10. The Provincial Government had cut short the proposed 45 new schemes to only 9 for the ADP 2010-11 which include: Construction of Police Station (PS), New Multan; PS Karmunwali Multan; PS Raja Ram, Multan; PS Thatha Sadiqabad, Khanewal; construction of 10 family quarters in Multan; construction of 3 residences (for BS 11-14) at PS Mianchannu; construction of 2 residences (BS 11-14) at PS Kehror Pacca, Lodhran; construction of 30 family quarters in Police Lines, Vehari; and construction of 3 residences (BS 1-10) at PS Khanewal. Interestingly, police personnel, which were being employed for agency function during the year 2009-10 have been deprived of funds as according to budget details nothing was allocated to them. Rs 123 millions would be given to Punjab Police Department for Border Military Police (D.G Khan), Rs 55 millions for Rajanpur and Rs 105 millions for Baloch Levy D.G Khan. Around Rs 80 million have been allocated under the scheme of direction under, Rs 241 million under the scheme of superintendence, Rs 40.001 billion for district police, Rs 343 million for CID, Rs 1.716 billion for Special Branch, Rs 3.340 billion for Punjab Constabulary, Rs 242. 150 million for police supplied to public departments, private bodies and persons, Rs 468 million for Qaumi Razakar Organization, Rs 35 million for works and Rs 1.254 billions for Police Training Institute.