PUNE (India) In yet another attempt to end John Howards opposition as ICC vice president, the outgoing president David Morgan is believed to have personally requested the Zimbabwe Cricket president Peter Chingoka to be supportive on the issue. In the latest development, Zimbabwes sports minister, David Coltart, is scheduled to meet the representatives of CA and NZC later this week to resolve the issue. The former Australia prime minister is facing stiff resistance from a few ICCs full members. However, as of now, Australia and New Zealand have put more pressure on ICC by not nominating any other candidate. There will be no other nomination, Peter Young, Cricket Australias General Manager (Public Affairs), told this scribe. Reasoning their stand, Young says, Mr Howard has a deep knowledge of cricket. He has taken a close interest since boyhood and maintained that interest, despite the pressures of office, during his long term as Prime Minister of Australia. It was also a bit of an amusing story that the major moot meetings involving Commonwealth nations frequently involved his banter with other heads of state about the respective cricketing fortunes of various Commonwealth countries, he added. Howard was a frequent visitor to cricket matches when he was PM, always displaying a deep knowledge and interest, and always speaking easily with cricket administrators and cricketers about the issues of the day, and the history of the game. He was also a frequent visitor to player rooms during matches in Sydney, his home city, and major Australian cricket victories were always accompanied by his personal greetings instantly arriving in the player rooms, regardless of where in the world we were playing. Mr Howard also played a pivotal, personal role, intervening to cut through bureaucratic hurdles to help ensure that the Tsunami fund raising cricket match between an ICC XI and an Asian Cricket Council XI game could go ahead at the MCG in early 2005, Young added. That game raised $15 million for Tsunami relief in a range of countries including Sri Lanka, and India, as well as Indonesia. A number of streets in Sri Lanka post-Tsunami redevelopment have been named in honour of Australian cricketers to recognise the role Australia played in staging that match and raising emergency relief funds, Young added.