First step of the session is general debate on the budget. The MPs that recently attained supremacy, theoretically at least, have considered this run of the mill process as a chance to speak out their minds in a highly generalised manner leaving the budget apart. The treasury side is continuing to insist that it was a balanced and good budget in what as they termed extremely difficult economic scenario of the world and security situation in the region. Friendly opposition of PML-N has nothing to say other than taunting the Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh being an IMF man. Since this is a general debate on budget, the MPs irrespective of their political divide that are forced to sit in the House preferred to chat around as a best option to kill the time. So much so that sometime the speakers themselves and most of the times Speaker or member of the penal in chair have to request for order in the House. As the budget session entered its second week on Monday, PML-N Rohail Asghar Sheikh found his turn to speak on budget as a chance to preach his understandings of Islam. Rather than uttering even a single word on budget, he preferred to challenge the PPP to take the probe into the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to the logical conclusion. If nobody dares to take a firm stance, let me offer myself as plaintiff in this case, he threw this offer that was hardly a stupidity. This sorts of mind boggling meaningless utterances by most of the MPs on both sides become more painful when they are consuming, if not wasting, the high value time and money belonging to the people of Pakistan. From the treasury side a member of the Presidencys rather than PPPs core group, Fozia Habib gave an honest advice to the Opposition MPs to give a reading to the Economic Survey and Annual Development Plan of the Government. As their speeches on budget that are basically set of praises for Bhuttos and Zardari, as the available heir clearly indicate that none of treasury MPs have even gone through the executive summaries of these documents. Latest imported Finance Minister Sheikh during his political statement, which he made in place of the annual budget speech, minimised the difficulties of the MPs to go through boring documents by saying that the budget was not important thing to consume entire of your potential to criticise or oppose. The less people go through the budget related documents, the more it would go to the advantage of the Finance Minister. And Sheikh is enough smart to know this trick of keeping the people especially the MPs away from understanding the annual fiscal policy. One had rightly said about him, One can take an economist out of a feudal but one cannot take a feudal out of an economist. He being a technocrat is desperate to make his own political base out of his position, remarked his one-time colleague in the World Bank.