I wonder how India, Bangladesh. UK, France, Saudi Arabia, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, USA etc manage to run a foreign policy at all with out their heads of state touring other countries on a daily basis with dozens of aides in tow? On a recent trip to Brussels and then Spain, the PM was accompanied by a procession of 70 aides, all on an all-expenses paid holiday at expense of the taxpayer. The entourage also included many TV anchors, columnists, cronies etc who, if excluded, would not have caused a loss in projecting and protecting the mysterious foreign policy objectives that the rest were supposed to do. The list of these freeloaders on foreign junkets must be published so that they stand exposed. If the number of visits by President, PM, his cabinet and senior bureaucrats were any yardstick of accomplishment in foreign affairs, Pakistan should be exercising a lot of influence in the world and our exports should also reflect it. Unfortunately the ground realities do not justify the expense of these visits and there are some who actually think that there has been absolutely no positive yield from these trips. These visits almost always include a week long 'private visit to Dubai, and that includes landing and parking charges of the waiting executive jet, its fuel expenses and accommodation of the crew and security, all paid by the government of Pakistan while the whole entourage shop till they drop. -ALI MALIK, Dubai, June 14.