ISLAMABAD In defiance of Supreme Court of Pakistans verdict, the Government has not done anything substantial for the restoration of the Public Safety Commissions (PSC) in the country, which used to shield the innocent people from highhandedness of police. The Supreme Court of Pakistan, in its April 13 order, had directed the Government to restore the Public Safety Commissions by May 17 for the collective good of the poor masses, which were suffering at the hands of the police. It may be mentioned that the Government had suspended the functions of Public Safety Commissions after the dissolution of local governments in January 2010. These commissions, which used to serve as safety valves to save innocent people from police unruliness, were set up at national, provincial and district levels under the Police Order 2002. The apex court had ordered the federal and provincial authorities including provincial home secretaries, Chief Commissioner Islamabad and the Interior Secretary to submit a report with the Supreme Court Registrar within one month after taking some practical measures toward the restoration of the Public Safety Commissions. However, the Government neither restored the Commissions nor submitted a reply with the court even after the lapse of deadline on May 17. Under the Police Order 2002, National Public Safety Commission, Provincial Public Safety [and Police Complaints] Commission and District Public Safety [and Police Complaints] Commission were set up with a complete mechanism of checks and balances leading to good governance. According to the Order, the members of national, provincial and district assemblies from treasury and opposition as well as people of impeccable integrity from the fields of social work, law, administration, education and corporate sector were appointed as the members of these Commissions under defined selection criteria. The absence of local government system in the country is considered to be the main hurdle in the restoration of District Public Safety Commissions, as one-third of its members come from the district assemblies. The officials at Ministry of Interior on condition of anonymity informed TheNation that these Public Safety Commissions remained dysfunctional even when the district and tehsil government system was in place as the political people considered it as infringement on their rights. The officials further said that during the full boom of the district government system in the country, only at few places these Public Safety Commissions were established. Now in the absence of the district government system it was near to impossible to revive or establish these Commissions at tertiary level of governance, they added. Former chairman of National Reconstruction Bureau, Daniyal Aziz, while talking to TheNation, said that there was no hurdle in the restoration of the Public Safety Commissions, as former members of Zila Councils could act as the members of these Commissions unless the new local government polls were held. Owing to the absence of these bodies, the cases of police high-handedness and brutalities against the innocent citizenry have risen, he said. He added that since the dissolution of local governments, there has been no check on the police and the newspapers were filled with the stories of human rights violations and police brutalities. He recalled that the orders for restoration of Public Safety Commissions came in the pretext of a suo moto notice of the Supreme Court in which the court had ordered the police authorities to stop lashing people publicly. He called upon the higher judiciary to take notice of delay in restoration of the Public Safety Commissions. He also demanded of the Government to comply with Supreme Courts orders and restore the safety bodies. He alleged that the bureaucracy was the main hurdle in the restoration of the safety bodies because it did not want to share power with elected representatives at the local level. He said that the Government was bound to hold local government polls under Article 140-A of the Constitution. By delaying the polls, the Government on the one hand is violating the Constitution and on the other hand usurping the basic democratic rights of the people at local level, he affirmed. He said that the country could not progress unless the people at grassroots level were empowered.