The inaugural speeches of all new rulers are always heard with great hope for the words spoken in the beginning reflect the vision of great deeds that are to follow, if they ever do. The more practical have a different view, though. They are convinced that the common public and their rulers both suffer from a severe Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The inaugural speeches, they say, are just a lot of fluff of fake promises and lies intended to befool the masses. So they say, lets see what he promises and what he actually is able to deliver? In his inaugural speech on March 25, 2008, the PM had promised to remove special counters for parliamentarians from all airports. They were removed, indeed, for a few months but are now back at all airports and provide special services that should typically be reserved for the handicapped, or at least they are in other countries. The PM promised to cut the PM House budget by 40 percent. Doing just the opposite, the PM House budget for 2010 was raised from Rs.428 million to Rs.484 million. The PM promised to set up an Employment Commission. But that was the last time he spoke the words 'Employment and 'Commission together. The PM promised to implement a uniform curriculum in all madressas, to build one million houses annually for the low-income groups and never to spend any money on the renovation of government buildings and residences. As we all know, these promises are still hung in the air of that day in March 2008. The PM had also promised to bring in a new Freedom of Information (FOI) law. Many speeches, seminars and two years later, what happened to that promise you already know. You tell me how would one believe anything he said in the next three years? -NAEEM SADIQ, Karachi, June 14.