This is with reference to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilanis decision to offer a bail out worth Rs 25 billions to Pakistan Steel Mills. The philosophy behind bail out packages, whenever they are offered at all, is based on accountability and a general purge of all those responsible for driving the afflicted organization to financial ruin. Also, a system is always put in place to monitor how the taxpayers money is being spent. Absolutely humongous bail out packages have been offered recently in USA and other developed countries to save the financial sector. But please note that the CEOs of giant corporations have also been sentenced to extended life imprisonments, some for over 25 years, others for 35 years and more along with confiscation of all their declared assets and those of their immediate family members. A strict regulatory control mechanism has been put in place, comprising men of undisputed integrity. The criminals among the CEOs that had some responsibility in any of this have been punished severely by the judiciary after forceful prosecution by the state. May I humbly ask the PM that he should also take all the necessary steps to eradicate the causes that led to the Steel Mills fiasco. He should not be providing fresh stock of lambs to the wolves. -GULL ZAMAN, Paris, June 14.