ISLAMABAD - The surge in inflation based on Sensitive Pricing Indicator (SPI) was phenomenal during the last few months, as it went up from 10.62 percent on December 10, 2009 to 16.43 percent on June 10, 2010, Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) reported on Monday. Official figures on SPI, released by the FBS, showed prices of 19 essential commodities having increased during the week, including Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), pulses and others. The high-income group was severely affected by the rising inflation as it surged to 17.65 per cent. The inflation for low-income group surged to 14.80 percent. Meanwhile the inflation for the families bracketed between Rs 3,001 and Rs 5,000 was 14.75 per cent, while for the families earning monthly income Rs 5,001 to Rs 12,000 was noted at 15.22 per cent. It is worth mentioning here, that SPI based inflation was down to 10.62 per cent, however due to consistent increase in power tariff and petroleum products, it went up to 16 percent in June. The SPI inflation based on the prices of 53 kitchen items, collected from 17 urban centres showed increase in the prices of 19 items and decline in 11, while the prices of 23 items remained same during the week, yet much higher as compared to last year. Within a span of one week, the price of LPG (11kg cylinder) increased to Rs 918.47 from Rs 865.45, eggs per dozen to Rs 60.23 from Rs 57.45, potatoes per kilogram to Rs 25.41 from Rs 24.89, chillies per kilogram to Rs 176.37 from Rs 172.95, bananas per dozen to Rs 48.18 from Rs 47.37, Mash pulse washed per kilogram to Rs 166.04 from Rs 164.29, garlic per kilogram to 161.31 from Rs 159.76, Mong pulse washed per kg to Rs 115.29 from Rs 114.35, and sugar per kilogram to Rs 61.22 from 60.75. The average price of 11 commodities, which price was decreased during the week, included tomatoes kilogram to Rs 23.01 from Rs 27.10, onions kilogram to Rs 23.29 from Rs 23.72, rice irri-6 kilogram to Rs 34.41 from Rs 34.53. Similarly prices of gur, rice basmati broken, wheat, wheat flour, masoor pulse washed and kerosene showed decline in the last week.