LAHORE Punjab Finance Minister Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, while delivering budget speech here on Monday at the Punjab Assembly, has admitted that the inflation has reached 25 per cent while the GDP growth rate has plummeted to alarming 1.2 per cent in Pakistan, which has not been witnessed during the last few decades. While pointing out that since the incumbent government took the responsibility of the province due to the unprecedented international and domestic economic crisis, the GDP growth rate decreased to 1.2 per cent, while the inflation increased to 25 per cent. 'These phenomena were never seen during the last few decades. Because of the energy crisis resulting in the electricity and gas repeated loadshedding, the industry has been adversely affected. Under these circumstances, like other provinces, Punjabs economy also suffered, he opined during the opening of the budget speech. He also admitted that the Southern Punjab was a backward area. About the development in the Southern Punjab - a pitch where the Opposition is playing well - the Minister told the House that during the current fiscal year, different development schemes worth Rs 135 billion had been initiated, and Rs 52 billion had been allocated in the fiscal outlay 2010-11, which is Rs10 billion more than the previous year. He mentioned that the Southern Punjab makes 31 per cent of Punjabs population, while 36 per cent of the development budget out of the Annual Development Programme had been allocated for this part of the province. The Minister told about various projects in the Southern Punjab for which Rs 2.45 billion had been allocated from the next budget. However, while the Minister was making these announcements, the Opposition benches kept on rejecting these claims by creating an uproar in the Punjab Assembly.