LAHORE - Renowned religious scholar Dr Asif Ashraf Jalali has demanded of the government to remove Ahmadis from key posts as their loyalty was doubtful. Addressing a sitting titled 'Responsibilities and Rights of Minorities organised by The Nation here on Monday, he said that Islam respects minorities, but does not allow them to conspire against an Islamic State. He said that Ahmadis were not defined more than a minority in terms of the Constitution so they did not deserve even to be ranked with minorities. Ahmadis were insulting the judiciary and the Constitution, and were hurting the feelings of billions of Muslims by calling the Parliament a so-called parliament, he added. He further said that Ahmadis were putting pressure though America to get the laws of the state changed that defined them non-Muslim. He condemned the statement of Mian Nawaz Sharif, who called Ahmadis brothers. He said according to Prohibition Qadyani Ordinance 1985, they cannot use Islamic values and ideals while they were trying to snatch our values by calling their worship places mosques. Answering a question, Jalali said that according to Islam any non-Muslim was not allowed to preach his religion in an Islamic State. The government should ban their religious literature and restrict religious talk to their worship places, he added. He revealed that Ahamdis had their office in Haifa, a city in Israel, and about six hundred Ahmadis were working in Israeli army. JI terms federal budget anti-people A post budget seminar organised by Jamaat-e-Islami at Mansoora on Monday rejected the next year federal budget, terming it anti-people and a continuation of dictator Pervez Musharrafs policies. Speakers at the seminar alleged that the corruption and commission mafia in the government were least concerned with the problems of the masses. The speakers said that raise in the prices of POL, electricity tariff and other utilities every month during the last two years had rendered the annual budget a mere formality. New taxes - direct and indirect- to the tune of one trillion had been levied in the budget proposed relief was merely around a few billions. Presided over by the JI Secretary General Liaquat Baloch, the seminar was addressed by former Member, FBR, Sarfraz Ahmed khan, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, and economist Prof. Mian Muhammad Akram. The speakers pointed out that over twenty meetings held at the Presidency in connection with the budget had not given any formula to cut down the government spending or a plan for strong financial discipline. The government had failed to control prices. Prices of essential items on Utility Stores had increased substantially due to the withdrawal of subsidy. The revenue targets could not be achieved on account of corruption, price hike and lawlessness. Liaquat Baloch said that the government had failed to fulfill its responsibilities to provide relief to the masses. The budget was not in accordance with the aspirations of the people and the government claims of the budget being balanced, poor friendly and ideal, were hollow, as within a week of the budget presentation, the prices of eatables had soared. Shortly before the budget, prices of medicines had been raised 33 per cent quietly to avoid public wrath. The speakers said the budget did not give a policy to raise production or a strategy to meet the energy crisis. The agriculture production had gone down due to the wrong policies of the government.