ISLAMABAD Poor management of the authorities of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has caused a loss of Rs 28 million to the national exchequer in the construction of a residential block for workers in Sanghar. According to the documents available with TheNation, the OGDCL in June 2005 awarded a contract worth Rs 39 million to M/s Shan Associates Services for constructing residential blocks for the workers of Bobi LPG Plant. M/s Shan Associates Services obtained the project cost in advance, performed for a month and later disappeared all of a sudden. The then OGDCL authorities didnt take action at the right time and the bank guarantee deposited by the construction company to OGDCL got expired. Well-placed sources in OGDCL informed that even after a lapse of four to five years, the authorities had neither succeeded to retrieve the money from the M/s Shan Associates Services nor the so-called inquiry had born any fruit. Least bothered about the loss caused to national exchequer, the OGDCL management in November 2009 awarded the same contract to M/S Al-Raee Construction Company at the quoted cost of Rs 67 million on the lump sum turnkey basis. In the four-year time period, the cost of construction increased from Rs 39 million to Rs 67 million and thus caused a loss of Rs 28 million. All this shows the ill and poor planning of OGDCL authorities. Who was responsible for this deliberate corruption within the OGDCL is still a question. The authorities concerned restricted the issue to paperwork and couldnt come to conclusion to fix responsibility for this systematic corruption. Moreover, the OGDCL hasnt conducted an independent inquiry against M/s Shan Associate Services yet and this attitude of the management reflects its vested interests, the sources informed. As the two officers allegedly involved in the scam have got retired, so the management has lame excuse that two officials are no more with OGDCL and it will not be workable to conduct inquiry against them, the sources maintained, despite the fact that both the employees were getting pension and other benefits from the company. When contacted, External Communication Manager of OGDCL Irfan Babar said that OGDCL conducted departmental inquiry to unveil the culprits who were involved in criminal negligence of bank guarantee expiration issue. Three OGDCL officials - then General Manager (Engineering) Sajjad Ahmed, Manager (Engineering) Hamid Janjua and Additional Manager (Engineering) Zafar Rajput - were directly linked with the project, he added. He further said that two of these officials Hamid Janjua and Sajjad Ahmed had got retired from the OGDCL, adding no action had been taken yet against any of the persons. To another question he said, at one stage the management decided to forward the case to National Accountability Bureau (NAB). It was agreed that without fixing responsibility in departmental inquiry, it would not be workable to refer the case to NAB, he added. Certain quarters believe that there must be any authority that can hold OGDCL authorities responsible for the deliberate corruption in the construction project.