IN the wake of Hamesh Khans extradition from the US and his trial in the Supreme Court, new revelations have come to light about his role in the Bank of Punjab scam. It has now been confirmed that he was also the mastermind of a ghost BoP housing society in 2004, pocketing billions of rupees. However, his partner in crime was the son of a powerful political figure in the Musharraf regime, and thus the nexus between the then political set-up and its enforcers becomes obvious. It is chilling to note how the land for the housing society was acquired; first it was purchased from the farmers at a throwaway price through coercion and was later sold to the Bank at an abnormally high price. Afterwards, Hamesh gave a big chunk of this land to two developers connected to PML-Q members. Reportedly, he and his political bosses were able to earn billions of rupees through this forgery. The hapless poor employees of the bank who had paid a huge sum while dreaming of a house of their own, got nothing, except for glancing at their plots on the map. Keeping in view the entire BoP affair, the fact that General Musharraf and his minions were as corrupt as any other dispensation in our chequered history makes itself evident enough. The notion that the regime was relatively clean was misleading and this has now effectively been refuted. Musharraf had raised his empire based on patronage while condoning corruption and misconduct from his cronies. However, in the days to come, as the BoP case proceeds in the court, it is likely that Hamesh would lift the veil a little bit more and more faces would be exposed as a consequence. The good things is that the Supreme Court is taking on the scourge of corruption with commitment, which certainly is a blessing for the nation and the poor masses who are sick and weary of the corrupt elites taking them for a ride. It is also hoped that the bank employees who were promised with plots and asked to deposit hefty sums would be duly compensated.