ISLAMABAD - Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Monday expressed serious reservations on, what he claimed, distortion of the facts and basic essence of his budget speech. The facts were deliberately distorted in an effort to defame me through an organised spin to my comments on increase in salaries, he said in National Assembly on a point of order, clarifying the contents attributed to him. Reading the contents of his speech drawn from the record of National Assembly, he stated, I had said, as far as the issue of increase in salaries is concerned. It is good. This is the first budget after 18th Amendment and NFC Award and there should have been reflection of these decisions. Its impact has to go to provinces. Has it not been good that prior to making this good decision, the province would have been taken into confidence. I have the record that the provinces are taken into confidence on such decisions. Earlier, the decision was made to raise salaries by 25 percent but the Cabinet decided to increase it by 50 percent. It was totally a right decision. But could it not be better that the provinces be taken into confidence in accordance with the announcement of the Prime Minister, he added. After presenting the contents of his speech to the House, Nisar said, he stated three times that the decision to increase the salaries was a good decision. But, some people 'gave a spin to press to propagate this issue and I should be criticised on the basis what I did not say, he commented. Those engaged in this practice must have kept in mind the sanctity of the House. They cannot raise their stature by slinging mud on me, Nisar added. He said it feels like that this House is debating the performance of a provincial government instead of the budget of the Federal Government. We never levelled personal allegations against anybody. Even then if somebody wants to play like clown, he can, he added.