This is with reference to Qazi Anwars outburst while addressing a lawyers convention in interior Sindh. Qazi Sahib has accused the PM of impropriety. I would remind him that the PM is from Multan where descendents of the Pirs are offered everything under the sun as a token of allegiance of their devotees. In return the devotees expect divine blessings because they have been duped into believing this to be the wages of devotion since the ages. It is for this reason that the southern Punjab, very like the interior Sindh, has been intentionally deprived of education so that the exploitation of people could continue endlessly. For the information of Qazi Sahib, the palatial houses in DHA Lahore, Multan and Islamabad and even the latest models of expensive limousines are gifts of the devotees who think they have been recompensed in eternal salvation. Besides the spiritual-minded, those who seek 'prayers for promotion and postings have also been generous with offerings. Now that the descendent of Pirs from Multan has been blessed with the power of postings too, the offerings have naturally increased both in volume and value. -SYED JAWAID HUSSAIN, Multan, June 13.