ISLAMABAD (APP) - The United States Monday clarified that Pakistan was not declared as the fifth unstable country of the world and refuted the authenticity of such news items, a private TV channel reported. A statement issued by the US Embassy in Pakistan stated that Washington had nothing to with the report, as it was released by the Institute for Peace and Economics, an Australia-based non-governmental organisation (NGO). On the other hand, 'The 2010 Trafficking in Persons Report has ranked Pakistan as a 'Tier 2 country, citing improvements from the previous year in the governments efforts to prosecute trafficking offenders, prevent and combat bonded labour, and protect trafficking victims. Secretary State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced the release of the report. According to a press release, the US govt is committed to supporting Pakistan in its efforts to combat human trafficking. The report highlights Pakistans actions including the conviction of 385 criminals in 2009 under the Prevention and Control of Human Trafficking Ordinance, and 2,894 prosecutions and 166 convictions under various other penal code sections used to prosecute trafficking offences. It also cited Sindh polices successful efforts to free over 2,000 bonded labourers from feudal landlords,; and Punjab govts 'Elimination of Bonded Labour in Brick Kilns Project, which helped nearly 6,000 bonded labourers in obtaining computerised national identity cards, provided $140,000 in interest-free loans to labourers and established 60 schools for workers children. The report also hailed federal govts four-year project, which resulted in repatriation and rehabilitation of over 1,000 children who had been trafficked to the UAE; and the 'Landless Tenants Programme, offering the landless poor in rural Sindh an alternative to tenant farming, including land, seed and fertilizer distribution, agricultural development assistance, cash grants, and micro health insurance.