LAHORE - Punjab government has allocated Rs 43.9 billions for the health sector which is Rs 9 billions more than that of corresponding period last year. A young doctor said that last year initially only Rs 14 billions were allocated for this sector and subsequently it was enhanced to Rs 34 billions. However, Pakistan Medical Association has criticised the said increment saying it as insufficient to cater the needs of the health department. PMA Lahore President Prof Yasmin Rashid, General Secretary, Dr Tanveer Anwar, Finance Secretary Dr Kamran Saeed, Joint Secretary Dr Salman Kazmi, Dr Ashraf Nizami, Dr Azeem-ud-Din Zahid, Dr Izhar Ch and Dr Shahid Malik have declared the increase of 9 billions in the health budget by the Provincial Government insufficient to meet the needs of the public. They further added that government has failed to announce a special pay package for doctors and paramedical staff which, has spread disappointment among the medical professionals. The Punjab Govt is not serious to provide the quality health care facilities to the public which is reflected by the fact that govt has reserved Rs 67 billion for social sector, 22 billion for Sunday Bazars and Sasti Rooti Scheme and did not give a substantial raise in the health budget. The decision to increase 452 seats in medical colleges is worth appreciating but it should be kept in mind that public medical colleges are already short of medical teachers and in colleges where facilities are only for 150 students, 250 students are already studying. Increasing numbers of seats in these colleges would be injustice to the students. Office bearers of PMA have demanded that seats should be increased after opening of new medical colleges. PMA office bearers regretted that hospitals (DHQs & THQs) in far flung areas are severely short of doctors while govt is planning to make 22 mobile hospitals in the province which would be wastage of resources. Strict security for budget session The citizens were faced by serious traffic problems in the wake of strict security arrangements made outside the Punjab Assembly during the budget session here on Monday. The PA building was cordoned off while security personnel and commandos were deployed at various sensitive points. All the MPAs vehicles were parked yards away from the Assembly building. The traffic remained suspended during the session owing to extraordinary security preparations. All the entry points except the main one were completely closed in order to protect the lives of the public representatives and avert any untoward incident, PA sources said.