LAHORE PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has said the country has reached on the verge of collapse by virtue of those who supported military dictator Pervez Musharraf and had the cheek to brag that they would elect him as president in uniform. He said he would divert the consumption of national resources to the uplift and benefit of the masses besides ending sense of deprivation among the people of Sindh, if Allah Almighty bestowed on him the chance to rule and serve the nation. Speaking to a delegation of PML-N workers from Sindh which called on him at his Raiwind residence on Monday, Nawaz said his party has no room for the power hungry and those who sacrificed the principles and ideologies for their self-seeking interests. With the help of the party workers, he said, he would make the PML-N in Sindh a strong citadel of the party. The members of the delegation told Nawaz that at this point of time, the whole Sindh is looking to him for the solution of their problems. They spotlighted the plight of the Sindh people and said the government-sponsored corruption is going on at top pace in Sindh and the masses lives have become miserable on account of price-hike, corruption, and they do not have anything even to pay for the education of their kids. In this situation, they said, the Sindh people find a messiah in Nawaz to overcome innumerable problems they face. They said the Sindhis strongly believe that Nawaz embodies a person in him who is one and the same from inside and outside and his heart pulsated with the masses aspirations and the country. They also lamented over the government attitude and response to the relief and rehabilitation of the people affected by the recent cyclone which hit Sindh and Balochistan. They recalled the time when Nawaz himself went to the flood-affected people of Naushero Feroze and had, on the spot, announced relief aid to the tune of Rs800m. The members also lauded Nawaz for water apportionment treaty in 1991 and said the Sindhis even today missed Nawaz and look to him for combating the oppressors and reaching to places wherever oppressors were in action. The delegation assured Nawaz that a sea of people would welcome him whenever he reached the Sindhis and success would greet him everywhere. Online adds: PML-N Quaid Nawaz underlined that there is no room whatsoever for selfish and mean people in the party, saying that no compromise will be made on countrys national interests and principles. The delegation was headed by prominent PML-N leaders Mumtaz Dawar and Sajjad Hussain Shah. Nawaz said the PML-N will strengthen its vote-bank in Sindh with the help of ideological partners and activists of Sindh. NNI adds: Nawaz said the strengthening of democracy is not possible without solving the public problems. Corruption and injustice do not allow any country to march forward, and therefore, the elimination of the two ills is necessary, he said. The party workers who offered sacrifices for ending dictatorship and restoring judiciary will not be ignored and the party will always take them along. The PML-N is gaining ground in all provinces of the country because of its politics of principles and the future too belongs to the masses, two-time former prime minister said.