LAHORE - The students of Wajeeha Secondary School, Mureedkay visited Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on a study tour on Monday. The students were informed about 550 unique pictures and scenes of Pakistan Movement followed by a ceremony presided over by the Principal of the School Ishfaq Ahmad. Meanwhile, Mobile Unit 1 of Nazria Pakistan Trust (NPT) led by coordinator Prof Mohammad Saeed Shaikh visited Institute of Tourism Development Corporation, New Garden Town. The coordinator of the Institution praised the role of NPT for guiding the nation about the Ideology of Pakistan. Mobile Unit 2 led by coordinator Abdus Salam visited Pre Land Grammar High School, Ghazi Abad and organised ceremony was presided over by Head of the Institution Saleem Jami. Mobile Unit 3 and Mobile Unit 4 headed by coordinator Muzammal Hussain and Saleem Sahikh respectively visited Daras Baba Attar, Takya Lehri Shah and The Rise Grammar School, Kahana Nau. The ceremonies in the institutions were presided over by the heads of institutions Haji Nazar Muhammad and Saqib Saeed. Later, the students were given prizes in the quiz programmes and correct recitation of Allama Iqbals verses. Sets of books were also given to school libraries.