ISLAMABAD (PR) Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) spokesman Faik Ali said on Monday that the swimming pool in the boards premises was in dilapidated condition and its repair work inevitable. Faik accepted that it was tough to take decision at peak season of summer after receiving advice from engineering quarters that the roof could collapse anytime. In this case it would have been very risky to have it working in such condition. We were well cognizant of the revenue losses at the time of making decision but life is more precious than that. We had received plethora of complaints from swimming pool authorities and our valuable members about the deteriorated condition of its roof, he said. He, however, accepted that the work on roof structure started on March 23, 2010 which was required to be completed before May 23, 2010. During dismantling the outer sheets from the roof, it transpired that the steel structure had become corroded and rusty. Since that position was not known at the initial stage, therefore, the PC-1 had to be revised and the work started. The Minister for Sports has taken briefing on the renovation of swimming pool and issued special directives to complete the work by July 15 and open the swimming pool for general public.