One of the more blatant mouthpieces of the PPP government and President Zardari is this Senator Faisal Raza Abidi who had boasted about two months back on a channel that the killers of Benazir would be arrested within two weeks and that shown on TV handcuffed. Some eight or nine weeks have passed since and we are yet to see the promised killers on our screens. May be they were shown on TV but I missed them due to loadshedding. Only the other day, he got furious with an anchorperson who accused him of staying in a five-star hotel in Islamabad since the time he was appointed an aide to President Zardari. The anchor also said that someone else had been footing the bill for his stay. Mr Abidi had burst out with anger telling the anchorperson to apologise or he would sue him in a court of law. Pity, since then neither the Senator has sued the anchorperson nor the anchor apologised. -AFAQ TANAOLI, Peshawar, June 14.