BAQUBA (AFP) - Gunmen blasted their way into government offices in central Iraq on Tuesday with two car bombs and suicide blasts that killed seven people and mirrored a similar March raid claimed by Al-Qaeda. The militants involved in the attack in Diyala's provincial capital of Baquba exchanged gunfire with Iraqi security forces, holding them at bay, and took hostages in the siege that lasted nearly three hours. Large numbers of Iraqi police and soldiers were deployed to the scene, along with US military assistance, while military helicopters hovered overhead and periodically fired on the building during the siege, an AFP reporter said. The attack, in which dozens of people were wounded, raises concerns over the capabilities of Iraq's security forces just months before US soldiers must leave the country under a bilateral security pact. The US military, engaged in support and assistance missions since ending combat operations in August, said its helicopters provided "observation support" to Iraqi forces, but "played no role in the response to today's attack." Insurgents set off two car bombs against the perimeter wall of the provincial government compound at about 9:30 am, before the militants stormed it, and set off twin suicide blasts inside the building itself. Iraqi security forces then surrounded the compound and imposed a city-wide curfew, with security officials only reporting the mayhem over when a final attacker was captured wounded.