Just take a round of the city any day and you will never miss seeing footpaths filthily encroached, not only in the old city but in some posh areas as well. The pity is that all this is happening under the very nose of district administration and the police wardens who see no mischief in their vicinity because of the 'rewards they are known to receive from the encroachers for their friendly tolerance. These encroachments on the pedestrian lanes and the adjoining roadsides are of various varieties. You will find here hundreds of rickety carts stuffed with fruits and vegetables for sale. Its here that those selling 'pakoras, 'samosas and 'dahi bhallas are doing a roaring business. The barbers are usually located under some shady trees but the dyers who prefer sunshine and more space extend their occupation to the roads too. The car denters shamelessly block these paths and areas around altogether with the blessings of our ever 'vigilant law-enforcers. And, then there are those fearsome open manholes which for the unwary pedestrians are a nightmare. So, out of sheer compulsion many people use the hazardous roadsides instead to reach their destination. The campaign launched by the local authorities to eliminate city encroachments on the CMs directives fizzles out after only a couple of weeks due to ill-planning and lack of impetus and integrity on the part of the implementers. Resultantly, the dislodged encroachers speedily retrieve their lost sites once again though with better planning this time. Its everyones dream to see Lahore look prettier, cleaner and be a tourist attraction. But to realize this dream, tremendously more will have to be done with passion and commitment by those at the helm of affairs. Mere fiery rhetoric will not suffice anyhow, whatever be our national goals. FAROOQ ZAMAN, Lahore, June 13.