LAHORE The turncoats (lotas) have always been dishing out divergent explanations-cum-reasons for switching political loyalties, which varied between expressions like 'for the sake of national cause and interest and 'for strengthening democracy, but someone taking pride in becoming a Lota, has been a rarity. However, once a PML-Q man and now standing on the 'Q-N divider with tags of 'Forward or Unification bloc member 'Raja Shoukat alias Mr Shoukat Aziz Bhatti as put on Punjab Assembly website has pronounced himself a 'proud Lota. He did not stop himself here, rather he went to the extent of offering others to perform ablution with the Lota. Shoukat Aziz Bhatti kindly no mix up with the great soldier and loyal son of the soil Aziz Bhatti Shaheed was speaking on the floor of the provincial Assembly, and was about to dilate upon achievements and vision of his newly-found love in the ruling PML-N leadership. But it turned out to be bad on the part of an unrecognised voice from the Opposition benches for raising loud shout of 'Lota. This not only disturbed Bhatti, but also interrupted articulate-MPA-from-Rawalpindi, who is certainly at his best when it comes to judging others, especially for their (mis)deeds, committed against his person in particular. His track record of speeches made on the PA floor substantiates this. To quieten his opponents on Tuesday, Bhatti asserted, Yes I am a Lota. Whosoever wants to perform ablution, he may. This amply depicts that he is certainly the cleanest of all Lotas, and apparently he has all the rights to offer his services. Then he was quick to draw comparison between a pious Lota like himself and an unnamed 'traitor whose daughter was sitting among the Opposition members. Your father has offered his professional services as a lawyer to Raymond Davis for $0.1million, and sent the double murder accused US national out of the country, which is sedition, observed Bhatti, while never-mentioning how he qualified himself to declare somebody a traitor. It must have something to do with becoming noble after attaining the status of a turncoat. His three diplomas in 'Business Administration are surely helping him making headways on the political path. I have not betrayed anyone, he issued a declaration, himself signing a self-marked dotted line. To explain such situations, there goes an adage in English language, Look Who is talking? Nevertheless, contrary to Bhatti, two loyalists Dr Samia Amjad and Dr Ashraf Chauhan of Q and N leagues respectively, exchanged 'inappropriate words, which were expunged by the Chair. Moreover, an effort for fist-fighting was blocked by the worthy members when the female Doctor made a visible headway towards her male medic.