MULTAN - The students of Department of veterinary Sciences, Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan staged a protest against non-recognition of departments DVM degree by the Pakistan Veterinary Council here on Tuesday. A large number of students gathered outside their office and brought out a rally against the BZU administration. They also shouted slogans against Pakistan Veterinary Council (PVC). Talking to the journalists, the students said that the DVM degree had been launched five years ago but the BZU administration failed to get the degree recognized from the council so far. They lamented that the BZU administration had put their future on stake. They demanded of the varsity administration to get their degree recognized from the council forthwith otherwise they would spread the gamut of their protest. They further threatened that they would encircle the office of the council too. MSM protest: The workers of Mutahida Shehri Mahaaz staged a protest against increasing incidents of violence against journalists here at Chowk Kutchery on Tuesday. Over two dozen protesters gathered at the chowk under the leadership of Tariq Naem Ullah and carried out non-stop sloganeering against the government. The speakers declared the killings of journalists unacceptable, saying it was a conspiracy to silence the voice of media. They said that the media made the masses aware of truth through unbelievable endeavour and the killings of journalists were a conspiracy to prevent media from playing this important role. They said that threats of dire consequences were hurled to the cameramen, who captured the videos of murders in Quetta and Karachi. They demanded of the government to ensure freedom of press and offer protection to the journalists.