I am writing this letter in a time of endemic corruption that is widespread in Pakistan as well as other parts of the world. Some believe that the solution is if we get honest and competent people then we will be able to reduce corruption. However it is not a problem with individuals only as it is the system that produces these individuals and allows them to flourish. It is the system that endorses and promotes corruption, allows the most corrupt to get into the highest positions which only fuels more corruption. As a result the rest of society also resorts to corruption in order to get by due to paying bribes. So everybody feels that honesty is not rewarded and only way to succeed is through corruption. I believe that the only solution for this problem is that we not only remove corrupt individuals but also the corrupt system and replace it with a new system and new leadership. The new system that has been tried and tested is the Khilafat which will ensure a man who is pious meaning that he is Allah fearing will become the head of state. This will in itself create a positive atmosphere in all sectors of society. The khilafat will prosecute corrupt officials, regardless of rank, if necessary as no one is above the law so no NRO type law will be passed. This will set an example from the top on how to conduct the affairs of public office. The reduction of corruption will also result in more funds being available to the state, enabling adequate salaries to be paid to state officials to ensure they are not tempted by necessity. The Khilafat will ensure adequate justice by applying the Shariah Law and thus making sure that criminals are punished appropriately for their crimes. The Khilafat will implement the Islamic economic system that will generate the wealth required to earn an honest living, leading to a decrease in corruption amongst state officials such as police, customs etc. I hope these examples highlight how the system in Pakistan facilitates corruption and that it is high time to change the system as well as the leadership. Also, I hope that the examples of the Khilafat I have given will be an impetus for the people to work for change not only in leadership but also the corrupt system. ABDUL JABBAR, Rawalpindi, June 12.