LAHORE Frustration is rapidly growing among the policemen in Lahore as the top cops have distanced themselves from the fake encounters leaving their subordinates alone to face courts. All encounters, which took place in the City during the last one month, were staged ones after the top cops issued the instructions to their subordinates in this regard. A junior police official even cannot think of staging an encounter until orders come from the top level, a police officer said, requesting his name not be mentioned. He said that it was very unfortunate that the lower subordinates are left at the mercy of the courts while those who ordered the killings in fake encounters are unwilling to support them at this critical time. Several police officials during interviews with this reporter expressed anger and frustration over the U-turn taken by their seniors regarding the case of fake police encounters. Speaking on the condition of anonymity,, they were of the view that the lower subordinates could not even keep an accused in illegal custody until and unless he brings the matter into the notice of his immediate senior. Police officials said that the top cops were behind the recent wave of police encounters in the City as the issued shoot-to-kill to provide 'justice to the victims and to remain in the good book of the top provincial hierarchy. They further said that the Lahore police have divided into groups and lost sympathy of the general public following the cases of fake police encounters have surfaced. They also demanded the government to initiate action against those who directed police encounters rather than poor policemen who had to obey the orders of their seniors. How a policeman can disobey the order of his senior. If the government is changing its policy as far as fake encounters are concerned, the junior police officials should not be taken to the task, another police official of ASI rank suggested. During his first press conference last month, Ahmed Raza Tahir announced that the police would adopt 'aggressive policy and not 'defensive policy against the criminals, and also issued shoot-to-kill orders for the hardened criminals. Interestingly, CCPO Ahmad Raza Tahir on Tuesday took the U-turn from his earlier stance, stating that fake police encounters would not be tolerated. His spokesman issued a detailed press statement in this regard, just hours after the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court while hearing a suo moto case of an extrajudicial killing had warned that the courts would not allow authorities to turn Lahore into another Karachi or Kharotabad. The CCPO said that those police officials who will commit heinous deed of taking an innocent life will have to face full force of the law, says the official handout. He said an erroneous impression should not be created, due to any individual or collective action by the police that we are anti-people, but, instead, a powerful impression should be created that the police force is always ready to sacrifice even their lives to ensure protection of life and property of the masses. According to his the police spokesman, the CCPO stated this while talking to the citizens belonging to various walks of life at his office on Tuesday. Ahmad Raza Tahir said that complete and willing cooperation of the masses is essential to rid provincial metropolis from the scourge of crime, as success of policing cannot be even imagined without full public support. CCPO pointed out that, along with strong team work, close coordination and cooperation between police, people and media is highly essential. He called upon all segments of the society to extend their full cooperation and solidarity with law-enforcing agencies in order to bring law and order in the city under control. Ahmad Raza Tahir informed the citizens that a well coordinated and comprehensive strategy has been adopted to bring crime under control in the city, whereas professional training of police is being further enhanced in order to make policing even more effective.