ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Army has removed Director General Rangers Major General Ijaz Chaudhry while federal government posted out Inspector General Police of Sindh Fayyaz Leghari in compliance with the directive of the Supreme Court. In compliance with the apex court orders, Major General Ijaz Chaudhary, DG Pakistan Rangers (Sindh), has been posted out, said ISPR spokesman. The spokesman said the DG Rangers has been removed on the orders of the Supreme Court in the case of killing a youth involving Rangers in Karachi, and will be transferred to another department. Meanwhile, the IGP Sindh has also been served a notice and asked to report to the Establishment Division till further orders. The Supreme Court on Friday demanded that the government remove within three days Major General Ijaz Chaudhry, head of the paramilitary force, and Sindh police chief Fayyaz Leghari, over the killing. Police have arrested six Rangers personnel after they shot dead Sarfaraz Shah, an unarmed youth, in a public park in Karachi. They will be tried in an anti-terrorism court. The accused Rangers men were remanded into police custody for two days on Monday along with a civilian named Afsar Khan. The names of the accused Rangers are: Shahid Zafar, Mohammad Afzal, Bahadur Rehman, Manthar Ali, Liaquat Ali and Mohammad Tariq. Afsar Khan was seen dragging the victim over to the paramilitary personnel in television footage and accusing him of robbery. Widely aired footage of the killing showed a clean-shaven man wearing black trousers and a navy shirt pleading for his life as a soldier cocked his rifle at his neck, then shot him twice in the hand and thigh. As his blood poured onto the ground, the man begged for help from soldiers - who appeared to do nothing but watch - until he fell unconscious. The incident mirrored the killings last month in Balochistan of five unarmed Chechens, one of them a pregnant woman.