LAHORE - On the second day of general discussion on budget in Punjab Assembly, opposition members grilled the government for not achieving its targets set in the previous budgets, while also criticising what they called misplaced priorities in the new fiscal outlay. Parliamentary Leader of PML-Q in Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheeruddin started with criticism on Punjab government for its rejection of foreign aid, saying the House should be told as to how the government will complete 14 projects in irrigation department to be completed at a cost of Rs 54 billion coming from the US. He said the government had claimed to generate 550MW of electricity during the next fiscal, but only Rs 160 million have been allocated for the purpose which is a meager amount for such a mega projects. He questioned where the rest of the money will come from. He said government had not completed 200 small dams as promised in the ongoing budget. Expressing his disapproval of the hefty allocation made for police department, Zaheer said that despite huge resources at its disposal, the police had not improved its performance. He questioned governments tall claim of ending thana culture by quoting a report according to which 13000 incidents of dacoity and thefts took place in Punjab on daily basis. He said there was no need for establishment of Daanish Schools when 63000 schools in Punjab were lacking basic facilities and 50,000 had no science teacher at all. He alleged that funds meant for south Punjab were being utilised on development projects in Lahore. He said deprivations of people in the southern belt had reached alarming proportion and creation of new province was the only solution to satisfy them. He alleged that government expended Rs 10 billion on South Punjab out of Rs 53 billion allocated to the region last year. He opposed Yellow Cab Scheme citing corruption in the previous scheme launched in the early 1990s. Taking part in the debate, Parliamentary Leader of PML-F, Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood, a landlord from Rahim Yar Khan, said that all incomes including the one coming from agriculture must be taxed. He said revenue collected from other districts, especially from South Punjab should not be spent on development projects in Lahore. He said Lahore had greater potential for revenue generation which must be explored. Tanvir Ashraf Kaira of PPP said that government should have doubled the allocations made for health and education sectors as done by the PPP in its shadow budget. Kaira made mention of an audit report compiled by federal government to prove that corruption was rampant in Punjab. Kaira quoted from an audit report compiled by federal government according which a sum of Rs 32.56 billion was misappropriated in 2009-10 while Rs 40 billion were embezzled in the following year. He also lamented the fact that provincial finance commission had not been constituted for the last over three years to ensure fair distribution of funds for various districts. The former finance minister also made mention of grievances of Southern Punjab while citing the meager amount of Rs 10 billion utilized during the current fiscal. Azma Zahid Bukhari said that government had promised to convert 144 schools into centres of excellence, ply air-conditioned buses in seven cities, 1000 new buses on roads and to generate 305 MW of electricity; but not a single step had been taken to complete these projects in last three years. She said 4574 computer labs to be set up at schools were not in place. She said projects like health insurance scheme for poor, conversion of CM Secretariat (8-Club Road) into IT university for women and computerization of land record had not yet seen light of the day. Talking about governments failure to continue different projects in 2009-10, she talked of Food Stamp Scheme, Sasti Roati Scheme and Green Tractor Scheme which had been abandoned. She said Knowledge City to be set up on 800 acres of land was not in place as yet. In the year 2010-11, she added, the government failed to set up 22 Mobile Hospitals, Liver and Kidney Transplant Centres and a Cardiac Centre in Rawalpindi, four Medical Colleges and Youth Development Fund. She said tubewells run by solar energy had not been seen under the Sun as yet. Azma suspected corruption in Yellow Cab Scheme when she pointed out contradictory figures of budget allocations for the said scheme in the budget document and the advertisement given in the newspaper. She said that as per budget document, a sum of Rs 4.50 billion had been allocated for the purpose which brings price of each vehicle to Rs 225,000. In the advertisement, she added, an amount of Rs 40.50 billion had been shown, and if calculated, the price of each car would be around Rs 2 million if the government is to purchase 20,000 cars. Sheikh Alauddin of PML-Q Forward Bloc challenged that if any body could prove corruption in Aashiana Housing Scheme, he will give him / her hundreds of thousands of rupees. Ehsanul Haq Naulatia of PPP encountered Sheikh, saying he was ready to accept the challenge, but Alauddin moved forward without responding to Naulatia. Sheikh, who is supervising the project, claimed that he had managed to get lowest rate of construction from the construction firm. Talking about Yellow Cab scheme, he took the House by surprise by saying that previous scheme launched by Nawaz Sharif was not so transparent. It is true that something went wrong somewhere in that scheme, he observed. Upon this, PPPs Deputy Opposition Leader Shaukat Basra and some other opposition members loudly said that Punjab CM should resign after this revelation by Sh Alauddin. Now they should also admit corruption in Sasti Roati and Food Stamp schemes, he affirmed. Sh. Alauddin, however, continued his speech and said that present scheme will be transparent and all cars will be locally manufactured and would not be of more than 800cc power. Unlike the budget speech of Finance Minister Kamran Michael and the post-budget news conference by Senior Advisor to CM, Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa that only graduates will be eligible to apply for yellow cabs, Sheikh said there would be no such condition for the applicants. He said those given yellow cabs could also keep drivers to run their taxis. He said agriculture income of different landlords had been estimated at Rs 3 trillion in Punjab, which must be taxed as suggested by Makhdoom Ahmad Mahmood.