ISLAMABAD - The visiting US Under Secretary of State Thomas Nides has met with nine outstanding alumni of United States government-sponsored academic exchange programmes. At the event, hosted by the US Educational Foundation in Pakistan, Nides spoke with alumni of the Fulbright Masters Programme, the Fulbright Undergraduate programme, and the Community College Initiative. The alumni recounted their positive experiences in the US and also gave their opinions about the overall US-Pak relationship. They shared ideas about how the Americans and Pakistanis could deepen mutual understanding, agreeing that more was needed to be done on both sides. To see so many impressive Pakistani young people - each of you an incredibly talented representatives of this great nations bright future - is inspiring, said Nides. To think that my country has had some role in advancing your education and helping your nations prospects makes me feel very good. You are the real deal of Pakistan, the future, and I can see the future is in good hands. My experience and education in the United States changed my life said Robina Qadeem Khan, alumna of the 2008 Community College Initiative. I was happy to have the chance to talk to such a high-level American official as Mr. Nides. We all need to work together to be sure that the real partnership between our countries is understood here in Pakistan. The US Embassy in Pakistan runs the largest US government educational and cultural exchange programme anywhere in the world. More than 500 Pakistani students currently study at universities in the US under the sponsorship of the US govt.