ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistans failure to take timely steps to secure the countrys rights and interests provided India with an opportunity to start constructing Kishanganga Dam on Jhelum River in total violation of Indus Water treaty. TheNation reliably learnt that Advisor on Water to Prime Minister Shumaila Jaffri and Special Assistant on Water Kamal Majeedullah went to Holland to plead the case in International Arbitration Court in January this year. A fee of 10,000 pounds was also paid to the lawyer but they didnt appear in court as Indians offered them to settle the matter outside the court. While the government of Pakistan didnt have the stay order from the international court, Indians are not bound to stop work on the dam. The failure of the Pakistani delegation gave India a chance to build the dam and steal Pakistans water. Now the situation is that India has procured tunnel-boring machine and have started work on tunnels. The completion time of Kishan Ganga Dam is 2014. Although Pakistan wants the construction stopped, but thats not possible at present as the government filed another case just three weeks ago and the court will take time to give some decision on the matter. India is also planning to reroute water from Kishan Ganga Dam to Wullar Barrage through 22 miles long tunnel and according to some sources more than 50 per cent work has been completed. A leader who has personally visited the areas that will be affected due to this tunnel says an area of 205 kilometres in Kashmir will face water shortage. He said Kashmiri people were annoyed because Pakistani government delayed necessary steps to secure its rights.