We people of Pakistan expect so much from our nation. We expect it to grow and prosper. We want our country to be the most powerful and strongest country in the world but it's not possible for any nation in the world to achieve success without working hard and most importantly without proper education. For having a stabilized Pakistan, we have to look upon this country's basic needs; which are food, clothes, shelter and of course education. The future of Pakistan depends on our youth. They learn from the environment they have been brought up in. All those positive and negative situations around them affect them and it affects their future lives and careers. Terrorism, violence, target killing, assassinations, murders and all such negativity does affect our youth, our future and of course this country's future. The sad part is that no one is willing to come forward. Those who tried to raise their voice were made quiet. And we all know that silence is definitely not the solution for our problems. We have to raise voice. We have to speak. We have to do something for our country. YAMNA AHMED KHAN, Lahore, June 10.