ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) is continuing with its self-styled and anti-tennis policies and keeps on breaking promises one after the other. In a latest adventure, on strong recommendation of a very close friend of PTF President Kaleem Imam's buddy the Federation has brought Jalil Riaz from US for the so-called training camp for the upcoming most crucial Davis Cup tie against South Korea spending ($3000) huge money. The PTF could have save this huge amount and utilised it on sending its top players Aqeel Khan and Jalil Khan, Sarah Mehboob or any other player to foreign tours for gaining much needed exposure. But despite several promises and media statements, the much anticipated foreign visits of these players remained to be fulfilled. Inside sources have confirmed to this correspondent that the PTF management has made up their minds of not giving ticket to Samir Iftikhar, the brightest future of Pakistan tennis and is currently in UK, as they have promised to do so several times. Aqeel is not here, so is Aisam, and now Samir is also paying a heavy price for not being in the good books of the PTF President. Then who will be going to represent Pakistan in that particular tie, the personal liking and disliking of Kaleem Imam will cost only Pakistan dearly. It will not hurt Samir or others. The PTF is the representative body of Pakistan tennis. It is not supposed to be run like personal property and the Sports Ministry and Minister for Sports Engr Shaukat Ullah must have to seek an explanation from the PTF and an action must be taken in the best interest of not only tennis but also in the entire future of Pakistan tennis depends on how the Ministry and other related bodies deal with the situation. If these bodies let the PTF off the hook and allow it to do whatever it wants then one thing will be quite clear that the tennis will never prevail in the country in these circumstances. The PTF has never tried to find talent at grass-root level right from the start. That is why there is no back-up for Aisam, Aqeel or Jalil Khan, despite all these players have reached a stage where they will not be able to play top tennis for a longer period. PTF has to start finding the talent sooner rather than later to have any kind of hope to survive at international circuit, the camp for Davis Cup tie should have started much earlier. If the PTF can't afford to send top players abroad they could utilize the services of the available coaches such as Mehboob Khan, Zulfiqar Rahim, who have got vast experience of running the international academies in UK and Belgium. Hameed ul Haq, who is a legend by all means, after reaching almost 50 he is still ranked no 6 in Pakistan and playing professional tennis at highest level both at national and international level. He has proved his fitness once again by reaching the semi-finals of the recently-concluded international event in Turkey. But PTF is least bothered about using the available recourses and wants to continue with its own style of management. The tennis is fast declining in Pakistan and with steps like this the kids who want to follow in to the footsteps of stars like Aisam, Aqeel and Jalil will no longer desire to play tennis. Instead they will shift their focus to other sports like cricket, hockey etc. It seems that the current PTF management lacks vision and direction and is more interested in making headlines rather than promoting tennis in the country which is supposed to be done by them. Kaleem Imam had vowed to bring revolutionary changes soon after taking the helm of affairs at PTF, but it is very sad to note that nothing in practical has been done despite a lapse of almost six months. The PTF is busy in gaining popularity by giving charming and attractive statements and none of them is seen the reality. How much time does PTF boss needs to implement the rule of law and justice in the Federation, this is a question, which the PTF boss will have to answer to. Mohsin Ali