LIAQUATPUR - Quaid Bahawalpur National Awami Party (BNAP), Ameer of Bahawalpur Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi Tuesday announced a deadline of September 2011 for the government to restore the provincial status of Bahawalpur, failing to which would unleash such a chaos situation that would be unmanageable either by provincial nor the federal authorities. I know all the truth and the stature of those, including the prime minister, who are raising hollow slogans of Saraiki Province. I warn them against making such ambiguous claims. We fought the Britons and the Hindus. We supported the Quaid-e-Azam in materializing Pakistan. We are those who could not be defeated either by the British or the cunning Hindus. Now we are out to get rid of the slaves of British Raj and would defeat the followers of General Yahya Khan in the same manner we defeated the Hindus and Britons, said Salahuddin while addressing a huge public gathering here. BNAP President Malik Farooq Azam and former information minister Senator Moahmmed Ali Durrani also addressed. Nawab Salhuddin said that Bahawlpur belonged to the people of Bahawalpur and nobody could even capture even an inch of Bahawalpur lands. I know those who are eyeing 66 lakh acres of rich and virgin lands of Cholistan. I warn them that till my last breathe, they even cant get an inch of my lands. These lands belong to the people of Cholistan and they are the real owners. Nawab Sadiq Mohammed Khan Abbasi had formed a network of canals to cultivate these lands but later the rulers cut off the canal system to deprive the people of Cholistan to keep these areas as deserts. We will materialise the dreams of Nawab Sadiq, said Nawab Salahuddin. He said neither the provincial government had allocated even a single penny in last years budget for Bahawalpur nor they have allocated for the new fiscal which reflects that there is no change in the mindset of the ruling elites. He said the participation of all tribes and from all races in BNAP movement reflects that every individual in Bahawalpur was aligned to one-point agenda of restoration of provincial status to Bahawalpur. He said people from all languages and races and tribes had joined the BNAP movement and those joining the party early would be given priority. He said all and sundry would finally have to join the movement and those who opposed this movement would be certified their political demise and he himself would make sure to happen the same. He said the participation of millions of people in the public gathering was referendum for Bahawalpur Province and this was also an oath to stay with the movement till Bahawalpur gets a provincial status. This is impossible and unbecoming for me that the youth of Bahawalpur remains unemployed despite acquiring professional degrees while I stay at home. I am here to lead them, he added. Farooq Azam Malik said that the government earns Rs120 billion from Bahawalpur but we get unemployment and illiteracy against this huge earning. He said Multani leaders should stop exploitation of the people of Bahawalpur and the provincial status of Bahawlpur should be restored. Whenever Quaid BNAP orders, we will close the head works, rail and road links, he added. Senator Durrani said that all the governments and assemblies since 1970 were illegal and unconstitutional as they had not given provincial status to Bahawalpur violating the accord of Quaid-e-Azam. He said the federation and Quaid-e-Azam had given protection to the provincial status of Bahawalpur and the 1954 constitution had given it legal protection. The people of Bahawlpur have been deprived of Rs70 billion in the Punjab Budget for year 2011-12 as under the Rs 665 budget of Punjab, Bahawlpurs share was Rs85 billion but all the three districts have been allocated Rs15 billion. The past regimes have stolen Rs3200 billion share of Bahawalpur. We dont need South Punjab package, we need Bahawalpur Package as south Punjab package evaporates reaching in Multan. We need our own share, he added. Abida Durrani, Mrs Nehal Abbasi and Rabnawaz Khan Abbasi also spoke on the occasion.