LAHORE Young Doctors Associations (YDAs) across the country have announced to close down Out Patients Departments (OPDs) at major public sector hospitals for indefinite period from today (Wednesday) to express solidarity with medics in Balochistan and protest against use of brute force against protesters in Quetta. Scores of medics were injured while over 50 were arrested in Quetta for protesting in support of their demands of increase in salary package and revision in service structure on the pattern of other federating units. YDAs have decided to continue boycott of OPDs till the release of arrested medics and fulfilment of their demands of revision in service structure and increase in salary package. YDA Chairman Punjab chapter Dr Haroon said that all the YDAs had taken unanimous decision of boycotting OPDs and the protest would continue till the release of arrested medics. He urged the provincial government to stop using brutal force against doctors, release arrested medics and accept their genuine demands like the other provinces. He said that the YDAs would also stage sit-in outside the Parliament to protest against manhandling of medics in Balochistan. YDA President Punjab chapter Dr Hamid Butt said that the medics would continue strike at OPDs till the fulfilment of medics demands. He counselled Balochistan government to take wise decision to stop the situation from going out of control. Meanwhile, Pakistan Medical Association has condemned the use of brutal force against the doctors in Quetta. In a statement issued here on Tuesday, the PMA believes that doctors in Balochistan are asking for their rights in the same way as in Punjab and Khyber PK. The government of Sindh is more sensible in this regard that it has taken action before doctors coming to the streets to demand their rights. The Balochistani doctors are demanding the same and uniform salary package as have been approved by three others provinces of the country, PMA opined. PMA has further added that Balochistan is the province which has the history of having grievances against the centre and other provinces. What requires to be done is that the protest of the doctors should have been taken seriously and their demands considered sympathetically. But unfortunately Balochistan government has opted to use force against these peaceful doctors. PMA believes that all genuine demands of Balochistans doctors should be accepted, all those doctors who have been arrested should immediately be released and those who have sustained injuries during process should be treated at government expenses. If this situation is not brought under control, PMA would chalk out a countrywide strategy in this regard.