ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardari got his new photograph on his Computerised National Identity Card and in this connection a team of NADRA led by its chief Ali Arshad Hakeem went to Presidency a few days back to complete the formalities. Sources in the Pakistan Peoples Party informed The Nation that besides replacing his old photograph with his new face with trimmed mustaches but the same old charming smile on his face, his temporary address was also changed and in the column of temporary address it was simply written as Awan-I-Sadr Islamabad. The old ID card of Asif Ali Zardari was carrying his photograph with traditional large mustaches with edges twisted upward on his ever-smiling face. Another interesting aspect of the story was that usually while taking the photograph for CNIC the glasses of applicant were taken off to have better eyes image but when the officials of NADRA had whispered the issue to their Chairman Ali Arshad Hakeem that the image of President was blurred and he should be asked to better take off his glasses but no one could dare to speak a word in front of him. Finally, the person who was taking the photograph of President had asked his personal staff to just ask President to change his posture as he was facing problems in focusing his image the President duly obliged and the process was accomplished. The CNIC to President Asif Ali Zardari was issued the same day with new face and new address on it but the ever-charming smile was the same old, which even used to enchant his visitors during his incarceration, probably the most difficult days in his life.