PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government sets aside Rs.139billion for the Annual Development Program (ADP) for financial year 2014-15, with 20.5 percent increase against the outgoing fiscal year.
The next year ADP consisting of total 1251 schemes , 711 ongoing and 540 new projects. Formulated on the basis of priorities of the development departments solicited under the Comprehensive Development Strategy and Economic Growth Strategy, the ADP envisages substantial allocations for all the development sectors.
However, most of the allocations go for ongoing schemes in the ADP , which shows 20 percent increase than the outgoing financial year. The Federal Government will release Rs.227 billion from divisible pool, Rs.35 billion as Foreign Projects Assistance, while the province’s own resources are estimated Rs28.7billion, the budget documents said.
Of Rs219 billion projected for welfare schemes , Rs.45 billion administrative and a hand some amount of Rs139 billion for ADP . In the Federal government PSDP, the KPK government has recommended to get Rs.82billion for 160 projects, of which 124 ongoing and 36 new.
Almost all sectors will get a handsome share from the ADP giving priority to health, education, energy and power, sports, tourism and youth affairs, completion of mega projects, encouraging public private partnership, mass transit system for Peshawar, Peshawar uplift and beautification projects as well.
A total of Rs111billion has been earmarked for Elementary and Secondary, Higher and Technical education making around 28.83 percent increase with total current revenue expenditure as some 112 educational projects are planned to be completed in next financial year.
In the ADP , health sector will get Rs.8billion so that to complete 67 ongoing and 26 news schemes , while Rs.1billion will go to agriculture department for 46 developmental schemes . The Irrigation sector will receive Rs.4billion to have timely completion of 131 ongoing and new projects. Also, giving importance to the hydel power generation projects, this department will get Rs3billion for its 36 schemes .
For Rural Development Rs12billion has been allocated for its 44projects. In addition, Road Infrastructure Development would get Rs.9billion so that to complete its 234 schemes , while for construction of government buildings, an amount of Rs.1billion has been set aside for 41 projects. 
Likewise, Rs.500million has been recommended for environment for i0 projects, while for the rehabilitation of drug addict and government orphan centers, the provincial government will release Rs50million for 34 projects in the next fiscal year.
Sports Culture and Tourism department will receive Rs.1.32billion, for the accomplishment of its 44 schemes . Moreover, Minority department will get Rs14million for its 14 projects, while Rs.95million will go to housing for its nine projects.
For provision of clean drinking water Rs.5billion, Food department Rs.500million. Keeping in view the poor law and order, a sum of Rs.3billion has been allocated for this purpose for its 55 projects in the next financial year.
Under the pro-poor initiative, a sum of Rs7.90 billion has been allocated for various social welfare programs including, health insurance, MNCH program, MSc/BSc nursing training, immunization programme, Rokhana Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Iqra Farooqe Taleem, scholarship program for girls (Torghar), Soori Da Pakhtunkhwa, long term loan for industrial development.–SAID ALAM KHAN