Our media and news channels are so enthralled by the Axact scandal that they don’t have any other topic to discuss. It seems that our all basic issues such as health, education and social security have been addressed or are under control and they have been addressed or are not a priority. Being a lay man, I would like to ask, how authorities can and investigating agencies can display publicly the evidences in a case, wherein proceedings are under process and judgment is awaited? Don’t we know that evidences cannot be disclosed until the case has finished?

When Altaf Hussain was arrested no one saw the black money found in his house or any other evidence? Does Pakistan have a different law than all other countries? If law exists in Pakistan then why don’t authorities focus on catching the criminals who are sending millions out of the country, and millions that are taken as graft? I am not supporting any crime or criminal all I am saying is that state and media should have their priorities right. The company was providing jobs to thousands of people and who will take care of those jobless? National Accountability Bureau has a long list of culprits or tax defaulters but they are not made public due to multiple reasons. I appeal to all responsible citizens to please stop enjoying such scandals and get your facts right.


Lahore, June 5.