S: It is funny how the organisations that are actually working towards the development of this country, are the ones that are being deemed as ‘anti-state’. It is appalling how this country gages development. If you cannot numerically define it, I guess it is not important enough.

A: We must give the state some credit, given that it not as surprising as you think; that they want what is best for us. With foreign funding at its peak, there is always a threat of other countries using their power to manipulate whatever they can.

S: The same foreign aid that our Prime Minister, gets down on his knees, and begs for? It is not because we are so down-trodden that we have no money. It is because the country actually never sees it, other than of course, those who are buying their third condo in New York City through it. It is ridiculous to always blame foreigners as if they have been sent to destroy us all. It just might be that they actually want to help.

A: Why would they want to help us, the very same people who accuse us of being blood thirsty terrorists?

S: Maybe because it is not always about religion. Sometimes, to educate a girl that she has rights, from a village, that sees her as only worthy when she has brought respect to the family by being obedient, is something that can also be achieved without having the same beliefs.