ISLAMABAD - The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has finally appointed six directors against the vacant posts of Director Generals, but the move is considered to deceive the parliament, The Nation has learnt.

According to details, NAB chairman appointed six directors against vacant posts in their own pay and scale (OPS) with immediate effect. A notification has been issued in this regard and the newly appointed directors include Maj (Retd)Shahzad Saleem, DG NAB Khber Paktunkhawa, Sqn Ldr (Retd) Tariq M. Nadeem, DG T&R Division, NAB (Headquarters), Maj (Retd) Syed Burhan Ali, DG NAB (Lahore), Maj(Retd) Tariq Mahmood Malik, DG NAB Balochistan, Aliya Rashid, DG A&P Division, NAB(Headquarters) and Syed Khalid Iqbal, DG Ops Division, NAB (Headquarters).

However, Senator Saeed Ghani from the PPP who had taken up the issue in the Senate said the move was merely to deceive the parliament.

“The appointments of new DGs are just to deceive the parliament,” Ghani said while talking to The Nation. He said the NAB chairman appointed his old blue eyed officers against the vacant posts of DGs just to satisfy the lawmakers who had raised questions over the illegal occupation of several senior officers of NAB on lucrative positions without the approval of the competent authority. He said that chairman NAB posted the old faces only to keep the control of NAB in his hands and officers follow his instructions blindly.

He said the appointment of directors against vacant posts of DGs was another joke and the chairman NAB just secured his skin through this act.

Sources in NAB told The Nation that the all fresh appointees were already serving in NAB as acting DGs and enjoying all perk and privileges of a regular DG NAB which was illegal.  They said that legislators took up the DGs’ appointments and details of perk and privileges and asked the details of all acting DGs. The Chairman NAB can hire any DG only three months on contract and it is necessary to renew the contract of any acting DG after three months, they added.

 They said that Chairman NAB can extend the acting DG contract twice but around one dozens officers have been working as DGs for the last several years without the permission of competent authority. 

Earlier, Senate Ghani had taken up the issue in the Senate and pointed out the illegalities in NAB and exposed the illegal appointments of NAB DGs and told the house that several DGs of Bureau were working illegally and without approval of the competent authority.

 He said that NAB had admitted in its written reply of his query that Chairman NAB only grants a three-month extension in services of any DG of the Bureau. He mentioned that around a dozen officers, including heads of regional Bureaus of NAB had been working for last several years.