LAHORE (PR) - Working class observed World Day Against Child Labour by holding a special meeting of the children and trade union workers at Bakhtiar Labour Hall under the aegis of All Pakistan Workers Confederation.

It was addressed by the trade union representatives including Khurshid Ahmad General, Robina Jamil, Akbar Ali Khan, Ch Muhammad Anwar, Niaz Khan, Osama Tariq, Khushi Muhammad Khokhar and others.  In a resolution the workers demanded of the government to allocate resources for providing free qualitative education to each child.

“There are large number of children in the agriculture, domestic work, brick kiln, shops and workshops in the county which are required to be rehabilitated by providing education as well as providing social protection to the poor segment of the society in accordance with ILO recommendation,” the resolution added.

The house urged the government to utilise Benazir Support Program and Zakar Fund for helping the poor segment of the society. It also urged the government that labour inspection machinery may be strengthened to get enforced the prevention of child labour.