CHITRAL: The farmers of Chitral affected by earthquake and flood staged a protest demonstration against the government for not waiving off their agricultural loans.

The protesting farmers gathered in front of the Agricultural Development Bank and said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his visit to Chitral last year after flood had announced to waive off agricultural loans of farmers affected by earthquake and flood.

They said their loans have not been waived off as yet and the agricultural bank officials are teasing them. They said the prime minister had also announced Rs 500,000 compensation for the owners of completely damaged houses after the earthquake.

However, they alleged that the assistance was given to influential people only and deserving people remained deprived.

“How we will pay our agricultural loans when no crops were produced in our fields. We demand the prime minister and finance minister to issue notification for waiving off our loans and the same notification should be issued to the Chitral agriculture bank also,” a protesting farmer said.

The Agricultural Development Bank Manager Hayat Shah said the bank has not received any notification from the head office regarding waiving off of agricultural loans. He said the bank cannot waive off loans without receiving instructions from the head office.

Affected farmers of  Chitral appealed the Prime Minister for early issuing notification for remittance of agricultural loans as per his commitment during visit to Chitral.