It is time people of Pakistan, political parties, intelligentsia, establishment and civil society of this unfortunate country does some soul searching as to why none of our paid or elected public office holders do not emulate life and ethics of leaders like Quaid e Azam, Allama Iqbal etc and instead chose to lead lives of tyrannical mogul princes. The palatial houses, islands of gated housing colonies, and allotments of lands and titles by occupying Raj were to reward those who willingly collaborated with colonialists to prolong their occupation, because no such scheme existed within UK where public office holders were to serve as servants of state. 

There has to be something drastically wrong and sickening with mindset of those who would like to live in houses spread over 700 kanals or acres, pay minimal taxes and consider themselves worthy of tax amnesty schemes and yet suitable to represent millions living below poverty line, without any hope of getting free education, health, housing or even security of life, while their leaders lead opulent lifestyles at tax payer’s money. Can any paid, or elected public office holder of this country justify performing Umrah and Hajj at state expense in a country where millions cannot afford two meals a day nor have clean drinking water. Ruthless accountability is as much an Islamic concept as it is a democratic necessity, because without it, no system of governance can function and deliver. 


Lahore, April 25.